January 2019

Building a BBC Sounds status bar app for macOS

The documentation of what I discovered while building a WebKit view status bar app for macOS with native media key support controlling the playback in the WebView. The final code is available on GitHub.

November 2014

Asset Catalogs With RubyMotion

Following on from my previous article Using Launch Screens with RubyMotion this article shows you another good reason to jump into Xcode for your RubyMotion project, this time to create Asset Catalogs.

Using Launch Screens with RubyMotion

Maintaining multiple launch screen images for different devices has always been a pain in iOS. Thankfully since iOS8 you can now use a custom view that can automatically adapt to different screen sizes.

September 2011

Code Your Own Multi-User Private Git Server in 5 Minutes

Following on from last weeks post about Simple Two Factor SSH Authentication this post shows you how to use the same SSH trick to create a multi-user private git server. I believe the principles here can also be applied to mercurial or subversion.